Australian Residential Financial Scholarship at University of New England

Australian Residential Financial Scholarship at University of New England

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Interested applicants who are willing to undergo a degree or master’s degree program at the University of New England ( Australian Residential Financial Scholarship) – Australia are been offered Residential Financial Scholarships.

The scholarship is aimed at ambitious and eligible students who ordinarily due to one economical reason or another do not seek university education or pursue their masters when they graduate.

Successful applicants will be given the privilege to reside in UNE residential college making them part and parcel of the college community. This comes with numerous other privileges to make their study sumptuous and a memorable one.

In the history of UNE, many international applicants have enjoyed this scholarship making them the most sort after scholarship organization around the world in recent time. Check the website here to know more

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Brief History of UNE:

The University of New England –  is a public University in Australia with its campus in Armidale and sub-campuses around Australia. The University records over 22,500 students. This university was formally Australian University established in the year 1938.

It is in history that UNE has the most extensive residential college system in and around Australia. More than half of the UNE students stay in a residential college. The university has over 7 residential colleges where students stay throughout their study the university.

The university academic faculties include;

  • Faculty of Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts
  • Faculty of Business and Law , Science and Agriculture,
  • Faculty of Health and Medicine

The faculties have several departments and disciplines offering over 200 programs.

Why the University of New England?

Nowadays, students prefer staying on campus than off-campus. This way they concentrate more on their studies and make better grades for themselves. This is one of the major reasons why students choose UNE. With the scholarship, the burden and constraints associate with schooling are lifted and the scholar concentrates more.

With the way the school is organized, from the administrative to the academics, down to students the students are encouraged to learn owing to the superb conducive environment fashioned to motivate and encourage students.

Why Considering Only International Students?

The scholarship is officially for international eligible students who followed the processes and procedures outlined in this article. The scholarship is aimed to motivate international students especially the less privileged ones.

Therefore, if you are not from Australia, get ready to apply.

Type of Scholarship?

The scholarship is strictly for Undergraduate and postgraduates that are qualified and have followed the process of application. The applicant is also supposed to meet the deadline as stated in this article to qualify for the scholarship.

Value of Scholarship?

The scholarship is worth over $5,000 (five thousand Dollars) aimed to cater to the student’s welfare and tuition in the school.

Number of Awards?

The scholarship scheme has 30 grants available.

NB: The earlier you apply the better as you have seen the limited spaces available which means it will be competitive and the deadline for application will be strictly observed. The earlier the better.

Deadline for Application in the UNE Scholarship:

The Deadline is 31st December 2019.


  • The applicant must prove the financial need before he/she will get the award.
  • The applicant must be living or have the intention to live in the University of New England Residential College.
  • The applicant must be an international student.


How to Apply for the UNE Scholarship?

The application is to be complete on the official University of New England Residential System website. Click here to complete the application form.

The below-listed documents are forms of evidence accepted in the measures listed :

  1. Financial Requirement:

Evidence of financial need must be attached to support the claim, it may be:

  1. Center link statement or income tax return or
  2. Parents’ income Tax Return/s(if dependent) of
  • Letter from an authorized person that commented on the applicant’s financial circumstance.
  1. Statement of Case Outlining
  2. What is the impact NOT getting the scholarship has on your studies?
  3. What distinct conditions or hindrances have you overcome in your quest for study? Example; geographical, financial, cultural, religious, etc.

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