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DICKINSON – A senior at Trinity Catholic Schools was named the recipient of two scholarships, one local and the other regional, that will help her as she graduates from high school and seeks to further her education at the University of Mary in Bismarck.

Brooklyn Berger won the West Dakota Chevy Major Scholarship of $ 5,000, as well as the $ 500 Sax Motor Co. Scholarship through the Chamber Leadership Dickinson Program. She was presented with both scholarships Monday at Sax Motor Co. in Dickinson.

About a month ago, Berger found out that she would be receiving both scholarships. When she heard the news, she was taken back.

“It feels fantastic. I feel really honored that I was selected for the scholarships, ”she said, adding that it will financially help ease the burden of going into college.

Brooklyn Berger, a senior at Trinity Catholic Schools, enjoys playing music, being involved in speech and other extracurricular activities.

Contributed / Brooklyn Berger

Berger, an honorary student at Trinity, noted that winning these scholarships was a good day to be a Titan.

“So I’m really grateful to be representing my school in this way. I’ve attended Trinity since preschool through my graduation in two weeks. Both of my parents attended Trinity so I’m especially grateful for the support of the school community over the years, ”Berger said. “My teachers, coaches, parents, advisors and friends have been nothing but supportive of me throughout my time, especially throughout my increased participation in high school activities.”

Throughout her time at Trinity Catholic Schools, Berger has been particularly motivated to be involved in various organizations and clubs. This year, she partook in more than 13 extracurricular activities while also managing all of her schoolwork and working a part-time job on the side.

Being involved in everything from theater to playing percussion, Berger admitted that it’s difficult to name one extracurricular activity as her favorite. However, since she was in seventh grade, she always looked forward to speech – a Trinity-sponsored activity.

Playing the roles of Katherine Plumber and Jack Kelley, Trinity seniors Brooklyn Berger, left, and Dominic Tibor sing "Something to Believe In" on the set of "Newsies" at the Trinity High School Auditorium in November of 2021.

Playing the roles of Katherine Plumber and Jack Kelley, Trinity seniors Brooklyn Berger, left, and Dominic Tibor sing “Something to Believe In” on the set of “Newsies” at the Trinity High School Auditorium.

Jackie Jahfetson / The Dickinson Press

“I was really shy when I was younger I don’t really know why I joined in the first place, ”she said, with a giggle. “But since then, I’ve really grown in confidence and I’ve developed a love for public speaking and for research. And I would say out of all the activities that I’m in, it’s helped me the most academically as well, and it’s given me a broader perspective on the issues happening in the world. “

During her time in speech, Berger has been able to be a captain the past two years and placed at both state and regional competitions

“I’d say in speech, I have found tremendous success… But I think overall, I’ve developed really positive relationships in the activity, both from students inside our school and outside of our school. So I would say that, while each of the many extracurriculars I’m in have really shaped me into the person I am today and that I love them probably all equally, but I think that speech has been a really impactful activity, “she said . “And I hope going into college that I can either help judge or coach speech, because an it’s an activity that I think everyone can gain valuable skills from.”

Winning these scholarships is a way to show that hard work and determination can go a long way, she said.

“It really means a lot to me to be able to represent the school that has meant so much to me, and that has helped me find success. And I guess my takeaways are that hard work truly does pay off and that you can’t get nearly as far in life by yourself… You always need a good support system, ”she said, noting,“ I’m thankful that both of my parents have been supportive of me and all of my activities and always making sure that I’m working hard on my schoolwork. ”

Though it’s important to be studious, it’s so crucial to have a good support system and to support others who are around you, she added.

“What’s really helped me is to make connections throughout the community and the school. Meeting different local leaders or business owners – things like that – it’s super important to make connections because you will get a lot further in life with the help of other people, ”she remarked.

Speaking to her younger classmen, Berger noted that although students should focus on their schoolwork, they should also take chances on other opportunities.

“I would say to be involved in as many activities as you possibly can, because it’s there that you’ll probably learn some of the most valuable skills that a classroom can’t always teach you,” she said. “… Obviously, prioritize your academics because that should come first. But also, (do) not forget to do some things outside of the classroom to have fun and to build on your own skills. ”

Trinity senior Brooklyn Berger, center, speaks to nuns during a nun run that she helped organized earlier in 2022.

Trinity senior Brooklyn Berger, center, speaks to nuns during a nun run that she helped organized earlier in 2022.

Contributed / Brooklyn Berger

Another piece of advice Berger offered is that one should become friends with more than just their own class.

“It’s really important to have good examples and role models. And I’ve been really fortunate to have those when I was younger, and that’s someone I expect to be a good leader and a good role model for the underclassmen, ”she added.

For more than seven years, the West Dakota Chevy Dealers – which includes 10 Chevy Dealers in western North Dakota and eastern Montana – have contributed funds to the West Dakota Chevy Scholarship Fund to award students attending a four-year college or university, or a two -year college or vocational / trade school.

As part of her extracurricular activities, Trinity senior Brooklyn Berger cheers for her fellow Titans at a football game.

As part of her extracurricular activities, Trinity senior Brooklyn Berger cheers for her fellow Titans at a football game.

Contributed / Brooklyn Berger

Each year, five individuals receive $ 500 scholarships and one outstanding student receives a grand prize scholarship of $ 5,000. In 2022, the West Dakota Chevy Scholarship Committee received 144 applications from students across western North Dakota. These applicants were then narrowed down to a top 15, and then the six winners were announced in early April.

Applicants submitted written or video applications and were judged on academics, community involvement, volunteer work, extracurricular activities and the content of their essays. Sax Motors Co. Dealer Principal Christian Kostelecky was one of the judges who picked Berger as the recipient of both scholarships.

“For me, as a judge, she just stood out. Her video was fantastic, ”Kostelecky said. “The top 10 were all very close, but (she) had just something extra special that stood out and obviously, the other judges agreed.”

Following high school graduation on May 15, Berger plans on attending the University of Mary in Bismarck. About two weeks ago, she decided to switch her major from business communication to psychology.

Though she’s still pondering the idea of ​​psychology, she said she has always wanted to attend the University of Mary. After getting her master’s degree, she intends to pursue her doctorate in psychology with hopes of one day becoming a psychologist and opening her own practice in North Dakota. From there, she dreams of starting a nonprofit organization, because she knows how impactful they can be.

“Regardless of my path, I definitely plan to stay in North Dakota, because all of my family is here. And I absolutely love the different opportunities that our state has to offer, ”she said.

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