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What is plagiarism? Is it deadly for a student or a professional writer?

Here we will discuss plagiarism and its harmful effects. The solution to this problem will also be specially focused.


Plagiarism is the unauthorized use of someone’s work without permission. Every writer has the right of taking credit for his work. If you copy-paste someone’s work without using his name you are doing plagiarism.

Plagiarism serious offense. It can cause harm to the academic reputation of a student. It is ethically, morally, and legally incorrect to plagiarize.

Plagiarism is mostly seen in thesis, assignments, and scholarship papers. The student may encounter serious consequences. Plagiarism can cause a student to be expelled and suspended from the institution.

How to prevent plagiarism?

During the -level degrees and for applying for scholarships, papers are written. Sometimes for making papers strong students copy the material of other students or professional writers.

This copy-pasting may increase their chance of selection for the scholarship. If their plagiarism gets caught they can be accused of copywriting and face cancellation of paper.

Ways to prevent plagiarism

There are many ways by which you can prevent plagiarism. Through these pathways, you can make your scholarship paper authentic and also boost your chances of selection.

· Work on your writing style

Every person has their writing style and can develop a paper. It is important to keep your style while writing. Do not use the sentence structure and tone of other writers. By doing this you may become the victim of plagiarism unknowingly.

So write in your natural style and try to make the text as general and understandable as you can.

· Proofread your paper can help

After writing your paper, proofread it. During the paper formation, many sources are used. Some students directly used the material of the paper. Direct usage of material can create plagiarism in the paper.

So after writing the paper you must manually proveread it. During proofreading, you can change the tone and sentence structure. This way you can remove plagiarism.

· Paraphrase your paper

Paraphrasing is the key point by which you can remove plagiarism from your paper. Paraphrasing is the process of rewriting written material into your own words. There are two ways of paraphrasing.

The first is manual paraphrasing. For this purpose after writing just read your content 4 to 5 times. After reading pick up the main points of it. Then rewrite the points into your own words. While writing use your natural vocabulary and easy language. In this way, you will convey the idea and not become accused of plagiarism as well.

Secondly, if you are a busy person and do not have time for manual paraphrasing you can do it with the tools available. Many of the rewriters are providing their services for free.

These tools are so versatile and have advanced AI technology that can paraphrase your text in a very human manner. The original meaning of the text remains maintained.

One of the most famous paraphrasers is by which you can easily paraphrase your scholarship paper within no time.

The best about this rewriter is its maintenance of sentence structure. It does not ruin the quality of the text rather it purifies it in a more beautifully replacing difficult words with the most suitable and easy synonyms so that every person read them easily

The rephrasing tool offered by Prepost is also a one-hand solution to many of your problems. You can check the plagiarism and unique content plagiarism through it. Its different modes help you to adjust the creativity and fluency of the rephrased text.

It is accessible to every kind of file and faster in use. This tool is also free of cost. Other tools for this purpose are QuillBot, Spinbot, GoParaphrase, etc.

· Use multiple sources

While writing the paper consult multiple other sources. By reading different types of sources you can develop the idea.

With the help of this idea, you can build up your notes. It will create creativity in your paper and will develop an impression that you have read a lot of papers.

· Check on the plagiarism percentage

Not every plagiarism is unintentional. Sometimes the student forms his paper and used sources without knowing that he is doing plagiarism. So it is important to check the plagiarism percentage.

Now how can you check plagiarism?

The answer is simple plagiarism checking tools. There are different tools on the internet by which you can count the plagiarism percentage. These tools have unique features depending on the technology on which they work.

The features that have made these tools highly adapted are their cost-free services. A wide range of tools is providing their services at no cost.

These tools are also fast and secure. A plagiarism checker scans your paper and identifies all the material that has been taken from outside sources. These tools are also fast so you don’t have to wait long for your results.

You can also check multiple files at a time. Moreover, the interface of these tools is also friendly. You can easily understand their usage. The features vary with the tools you are using.

Grammarly is a plagiarism checking tool that is a multifunctional tool. You cannot only check the plagiarism percentage but also change your content and proofread it for grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Similarly Checking plagiarism is also another authentic and fast tool for detecting plagiarism. Through this tool, you can check files of different types. Up to 5 files can be checked at a time. This tool is secure and efficient as well.

It shows the plagiarized content in red highlight. After checking you can compare the content with the matched URLs. Moreover, every kind of plagiarism is detected through its other famous tools are Turnitin, Duplichecker, Pre-post SEO, etc.

Plagiarism is a problem whenever an authentic paper such as any thesis or scholarship paper is to be written. You can become a victim of a copyright claim if you are caught up in it and can face serious consequences.

There are many tips and tricks by which you can secure yourself from plagiarism. These tips along with the tips are discussed above in a brief manner.

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